Miracle needed for Jesus Ute

After a late night rebuilding the Jesus Ute Andrew “Fishtail” Fisher was looking forward to a strong showing in race 2, however what happened was anything but, with the Jesus Ute going out with an even bigger bang after just 4 corners.


Getting a rocket start off the back of the grid Fisher was looking forward to moving through the pack. Having to avoid being pushed into the wall again heading down to T4, Fishtail arrived there just as a pile up happened and had to take evasive action to avoid another collision. After spinning back in the right direction Fisher slipped through the inside of the stationary cars, when suddenly one of the stricken cars drilled the Jesus ute in the rear wheel launching the car in the air. Upon landing it was evident that Fisher’s car was badly damaged as it crabbed to a halt.


“I couldn’t believe it… we qualified 6th and haven’t completed one lap. It’s easy to turn around and say that you are not going to race, but if we can get the bits, the boys will give it a go and hopefully we can have a resurrection Sunday”, remarked Fishtail.


Upon further inspection the team found a lot of panel damage, the diff assembly bent and a number of wheels broken with tyres damaged as well. The team is working hard to get the Jesus Ute back on track tomorrow in what would be a miracle with the amount of damage that it sustained.


Keep up to date on the teams repair progress through the Jesus Racing Team facebook page and catch race 3 tomorrow from 10:05am QLD time.

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