Mixed Day for Jesus Racing

The Jesus Racing Team endured a mixed day today with Andrew “Fishtail” Fisher suffering from another engine drama forcing the team’s XY GTHO to be parked for the weekend, and Aaron “The Disciple” Borg finishing his first 2 races on the Mountain cleanly in 16th and 14th.


Being the first cars out on a damp track Aaron was given a good briefing of what to expect in the car on the way to the track by Fishtail. Aaron put it all into action and had a great launch off the line, but was hung out to dry when side by side through turn 2, Borg then lost a spot up through the cutting. Settling in over the top, Aaron was keen to find where the grip was and over the next few laps reeled in the cars in front of him. However, a mistake going into the chase a few laps later cost Borg another spot.


Borg gathered it all up and chased down the guys in front but with a shortened race he was unable to make a move and finished in P16.


Andrew Fisher was looking forward to slotting back into the car after the team had made some major changes to the set-up of the Iconic XY GT. On the dummy grid Fisher had the strange feeling of watching his own V8 ute race past with Aaron Borg at the wheel.


Slotted into the XY Falcon he soon focused on the job at hand, getting a great start and involved in a drag race up mountain straight, trying to hang on around the outside into turn two but lost out in the drive up to the cutting.


Andrew, ever alert of the information coming from the gauges on the health of the engine, noticed that fuel pressure was dropping away as the XY GT came out of the right hander after the chase and when the high horse power unit gave a cough, Andrew thought it best to pull out of position 8 and come into the pits.


Thankfully Fisher’s quick thinking saved the XY’s 351 engine plant as the team’s investigation found some discolouration in the oil in what looks to be some bearing metal particulates in the oil filter. Given the engine dramas the team has had this year they had no option but to retire the car for the remainder of the weekend.


Fisher was able to set a faster time than his qualifying time however said that the team had gone too far in the balance towards the front and this had induced significant oversteer.


Another changeable weather situation greeted the Jesus Racing Team in Race 2 of the V8 Utes and the last minute decision to pressure the tyres for a dry race proved to be the right one. Aaron launched the Jesus ute off the line well, but was soon 3 wide going into turn one with one of the fast starting Commodores from a row behind. “The Disciple” managed to guide the Jesus Ute through Hell Corner without losing a spot.


As the race progressed, Aaron managed to hold station and had an opportunity to overtake a fellow competitor, but with a rush of blood Borg missed a gear and the chance to get the spot, finishing the race in 14th position.

With the teams XY GT parked for the remainder of the weekend, they only have one race tomorrow with Borg lining up in the Jesus Racing Ute at 8:55am. This will be shown live on both Fox Sports and Network 10.

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