Mountain Top Experience

It was a momentous day for the Jesus Racing Team with 5 sessions across two categories on what was an unusually hot day at the mountain. In reflecting on the day Fisher said, “I think it was the right call not to race both cars and to put Aaron in the Jesus Racing Ford Falcon Ute. We have been through a full program with the XYGT today making multiple changes over the 3 sessions in an attempt to get the car speed we are seeking.

Aaron has done a fantastic job for his first time at the mountain finishing 18th in the combined practice session times he will no doubt move up from there in qualifying”.


Aaron “The Disciple” Borg is a man of many words when asked about his first impressions of Mount Panorama : “Interesting!” We pushed for some more information and he said “the first time over the top was real interesting! I can’t believe just how fast you can push the car, it gets real light and you can see the wall coming but the tyres hang in there, it’s just addictive and you want to push to see how much quicker you can achieve”.


He certainly got quicker with each lap and was able to make a significant jump when he was able to slot in behind one of the front runners and learn the finer details of the track.


In the Touring Car Masters Fishtail had a busy day with an ill handling car, the team worked incredibly hard all day in order to improve the car. P10 was the position for Fisher in both second practice and Qualifying.


Fisher commented on the effort, “today has confirmed why I didn’t race both cars, we have done an excellent job today to improve the XY, although disappointed with 10th we need to keep in mind that Glenn Seton had the exact same engine we now own in his XY GT when he put it on pole position just 2 years ago, his time was less than 1 tenth quicker than our effort today”. “The car was pretty loose coming over the crest of Mountain Straight and it snaps sideways, which is rather exciting at 250km/h.


The team will make some changes for Race 1 in an attempt to unlock some additional speed for the race.


Catch all the action live on Foxtel tomorrow as Aaron and Andrew fly around the 6.2km Mount Panorama circuit that is the Mecca of Australian Motorsport.

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