You know that is an interesting question – hard to explain even to my then- five year old daughter who asked her mother, “so who is God’s wife?”

My wife answered this easy question with, “God does not have a wife darling.”

(My wife did not see the next question coming).

“But Mummy, if God does not have a wife how can he have a baby called Jesus?”

My wife called out for me to come and help with the answer – I sat in the lounge room pretending not to hear, thinking to myself, “that will teach you for not just going with the ‘Christian fish symbol on the Ute idea’, you’re on your own (my love)!”

But seriously what a great question from someone who has no agenda on the topic at all. How is it that Jesus came to be?

My belief is that Jesus is the son of God, part of the Holy Trinity of God (Father), Son and Holy Spirit. I have often looked at the historical evidence of Jesus living over 2,000 years ago.

There are many non-Biblical references about Jesus living on this earth. I looked at the documented miracles he performed, once again not just recorded by Christians. I looked at his death once again recorded by others other than Christians and then I looked at the resurrection (not so often recorded in non-Christian texts!).

Jesus often pointed to his death and resurrection as he spoke to people. He declared that he was the Son of God. He told us that he was sent to die that he can reunite us with God.

He told us that he would rise from the dead after 3 days and would go and prepare a place for us with his Father and that if we believe in him and accept him as our Lord he will vouch for us when our time comes.

So having read this I was left with a decision, was Jesus the Lord as he professed, or was he a liar or a lunatic?

To answer this I looked at two things. The first is the events that happened after his death.
Why was it that so many people professed to see him and experience him after his death? Why was it that his body was never found by the authorities that opposed the Christian movement.

Remember that Jesus was taken very seriously, they had just crucified him very publicly on a cross for all to see.

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The second is why was it  such a small group of people who professed to have received the ‘Holy Spirit’ from Jesus were able to establish and sustain (through immense persecution- most of the early believers where killed) the faith that around 1 billion people worldwide believe in today, if it were not for the truth that they had experienced?
Even today I see so many people’s lives transformed from the simple belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ into their life.

My personal experience is enough to convince me that I have made the right choice, however being one that does not suffer fools, it has been good to explore the deeper issues around my faith.