Andrew Fisher: Well it is a funny story really – being a Christian I am obviously always questioning how ‘real’ my faith is and how I live it out in my life everyday. I happened to mention this to my wife in regards to my motor racing exploits.

I was thinking of putting a fish (a Christian symbol) on the back of the Ute or having a ‘Christian’ nickname (you have to choose a nick name in the Ute series) and she challenged me by saying, “Well if you really want to make a statement why don’t you advertise the ‘Jesus. All about Life’ campaign on the Ute?”


I want to live my faith out in a practical sense. I love motor racing and feel privileged to be able to compete at the level I do, however I also love  Jesus, so to bring my two loves together is very exciting. The ‘Jesus. All about Life’ program is a perfect bridge between the two areas of my life because it is not about doom and gloom and persecution.
The ‘Jesus. All about Life’ message is about the availability of Jesus for everyone. I was lucky and grew up in a church and was introduced to Jesus by my family. I lived through the normal trials of life, however I have an inbuilt belief in Jesus that has strengthened me.

Many people in Australia today have no idea of who the ‘real’ Jesus is.  The ‘Jesus. All about Life’ campaign is about getting the message out there in a non-confronting way. It’s about providing  opportunity for the everyday person to explore Jesus for themselves.