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Jesus Racing has been a part of Australian Motor Sport for over 15 years having raced at the highest level, in many championships with great success.

Jesus Racing currently competes as part of the Touring Car Masters Series.  Without doubt the most popular support race category to the V8 supercars. The TCM series sees fan favourites jump behind the wheel of favourite Aussie and American Muscle cars like Ford XYGT’s, BOSS Mustangs, Chev Camaros, Chrysler Chargers, Holden Monaro’s and Torana’s, lots of Torana’s!

These extremely powerful machines are based on the V8s of yesteryear, although only to look at, as underneath the surface they are brand new and highly technical, they are driven by experienced race drivers like Andrew “Fishtail” Fisher.

Jesus Racing’s vehicle of choice is the iconic Ford Falcon XY GT affectionately known as Abigail.



CAR: #9




1971 Ford Falcon XY GT

Abigail was married to King David and was recognized as the most beautiful and wise woman to have ever lived…

Car Specs
  • Make = Ford
  • Model = XY
  • Shell = purchased from and restored by Stripsafe
  • Colour – Ferrari Rosso Corso
  • Build process = 14 months from ground up to TCM specifications
  • Roll cage and fabrication = Marty Brant from Independent Race Cars
  • Fibreglass panels = Alfa Fibreglass
  • Paint and bodywork = Awdon Motor Body Repairs and Equipment
  • Engine Builder = Wayne Smith
  • Engine = Cleveland 351 engine with 3V CHI Heads and lots of Good stuff
  • Max RPM = 7,500
  • HP = never enough but good enough
  • Carby = Holley 4 barrel various jet sizes
  • Oils and fluids = Mobil
  • Weight = A lady never tells you her weight but the minimum allowed is 1530kg including driver and fuel
  • Fuel = R100 leaded
  • Coolant = Evan Waterless (this stuff is amazing)
  • Gearbox = Jerico 4 speed Australian Transmission Components
  • Differential = 9 inch with multiple ‘strange’ diff centres
  • Clutch = 3 piece Tilton
  • Headers and exhaust = Custom made
  • Shock Absorbers = Supashock
  • Springs = King Springs
  • Tyres = Hoosier




Ford Falcon Ute
AKA: Deni Ute


Car Specs
  • Make = Ford Falcon
  • Model = FG 2010
  • Engine = V8 5 ltr Coyote
  • Power = 440 HP
  • Gearbox = Six Speed Manual
  • Breaks = Brembo
  • Suspension = Supershocks
  • Weight = 1850 kg
  • Fuel = 98ron
  • Top Speed = 250+ k/hr
  • Built by SRT