Jesus Racing was originally created to challenge the paradigms of Australians.

Founder Andrew Fisher felt many people held misconceptions, and labelled Christians ‘funsuckers’, believing you had to give up the good life when you became a Christian.
Fisher, a long-term Christian, says nothing can be further from the truth!

“Jesus said ‘I came to give Life, and Life to the full!’” says Fisher, who knew the last thing people expected was to see a Christian racing cars at 300km/h, doorhandle to doorhandle in Australia’s most competitive and robust racing series.

The Jesus Racing Team has enjoyed great success on the track,winning races, Rookie of the Year, and finishing third in the Championship. However the real fulfillment comes from taking the name of Jesus to 1.2million people every year at racetracks around the country.

The Jesus Racing Team has also created a strong off-track aspect to its ministry, which sees Andrew ‘Fishtail’ Fisher speaking at all manner of engagements around Australia.

Most importantly, Fishtail presents the high school’s ‘Life Choices’  program which is presented on behalf of Bible Society Australia.

‘Life Choices’ was developed to challenge the paradigms of high school students.  This program touches on many of life’s important decisions and encourages the students to think-through the consequences of their actions,including their faith.

Life Choices’ sees Andrew come face to face with 30,000 young people every year.
“I was challenged as to whether I simply carry my Christianity as a back pack or whether I really pick up my cross each day,” says Andrew. “This caused me to think about why I am involved in motor racing and what impact I make for the Kingdom. I think that by speaking to young people, I can make a difference in their lives, but I couldn’t do that without the framework provided by motorsport and the Jesus Racing Team.”

To book the Life Choices program for your school, please click here 

‘With the prayers and financial support of our friends and partners,” says Fishtail, ” the Jesus Racing Team continues to have a significant impact on the lives of many and varied individuals across the nation and beyond.’

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