Bathurst Day 2

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Bathurst Day 2
With two races in 2 hours it was always going to be a busy morning for the TransAM category.
Andrew was starting out of 12^th due the qualifying session being cancelled. He got a great start and was able to pick up 2 places in the run between turn 1 and 2. He gained another spot on lap 3 and then the safety car came out when the car in front of Andrew hit the wall at turn 2. This meant that Andrew was in P8 as the safety car pulled in with the field left to take the chequered flag under yellow flags. Andrew noticed one of the front runners followed the safety car into pit lane and realised the driver had made a mistake and handed Andrew 7^th place. It was a great result and Andrew set his fastest time in the car at Bathurst.
Race 2 was only 1.5 hours after the end of Race 1. Fishtail started in 7^th however the guy in 9^th jumped the start and came past Andrew as they crossed the start line and Andrew was the meat in the sandwich at turn one meaning he lost 2 spots.
He put his head down and managed to stay with the guys as they raced hard. Fishtail picked up a spot on lap 3 and then another one on lap 6. He had a few issues with the gear shifts when going back into 1^st gear at the first and last corners and on the last lap struggled to get the gear shift done which gave the guy behind him the chance to get past on the outside – however it all went wrong for the other guy when he locked his brakes and slid off the track leaving Andrew to finish in 7^th place for the second time in the day.
Andrew still feel he is under driving the car however is conscious of not making mistakes like some of the guys around him as he wants to bring it home in one piece.
Race 3 starts at 8.10am tomorrow morning.
We wish you all a Happy Easter and praise God for his goodness and mercy in sending his son to die in our place so that we can be saved and receive life eternal.


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