Racing Photography Tips You Need to Know by Lindsay Johnson

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Sports photography is fun but there is a technique to getting the best shots. Of course it comes down to 2 things; technique and the equipment. Today we will focus on some tips around techniques.

1. Creative shots :
When you are covering a racing event you should focus on capturing creative shots. In the race, there are more lapse and more time to capture creative shots. When you have to focus on a specific competitor then try the panning technique this will help you get more dynamic shots. Try to capture photos from different angles. and don’t forget to capture crowed while capturing the winning flag moment.


2. Autofocus for sharp images :
The most important thing in motorsports or car photography is to get sharp images when something or someone is moving. For this purpose, you must know that here you need to put your camera on autofocus mode. It is very essential to put your camera on autofocus mode to capture moving object photos. Use the AF point expansion mode to get dynamic photos. It will help you capture sharply focused images.

3. Panning :
Panning is a very useful technique it blurs the objects that move from one side of the image to the other side. It blurs the background of subjects and keeps them sharp. To get the best panning photo you should turn on your camera’s burst mode. It is great for action photography. if you want an action to be frozen then turn the speed of the shutter lower. To get these images you need to set your speed according to the movement of the subject. You just need to set the shutter speed to get right and great photos.

4. Anticipate the action:
Anticipation is one of the photography tips one must know about. It’s the key to sports photography. in many motorcar racing events, it’s easy to make anticipation. To make anticipation easy you must know if you don’t know the tracks then arrive early on location and observe it. You’ll get an idea which parts of the events need to be photographed. Observe curves and jumps or any other part of the event which seems to be more excited. This will help you a lot in choosing your position while covering the event. You will get to know where to stand and where to take the position.

5. Close-up shots :
You must know that getting too close to an object to capture it dangerously so you need a zoom lens or telephoto zoom lens. You will need a 300 mm lens and it will help you capture close shots. And it will help you make the best shots. Show some track images too while capturing the right moment. It will make your shot look more dynamic and epic.
The above-discussed tips can help you to improve your photography skills.As you are concerned to capture your moments beautifully and perfectly. Most importantly though don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the action!

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