Ruth Performs Well on the Mountain

by Oct 23, 2020TA2 Racing0 comments

Green, Green, Green Flag and the right foot of Andrew Fisher hit the floor. Being no stranger to rolling starts, the Jesus TA2 Camaro snagged a couple of spots and headed up the mountain into P8 and 2nd in class. With the likes of Lamborghinis and Porches behind, a tough battle lay ahead.

Andrew held off as long as he could but the two much faster cars passed him on consecutive laps going into turn 2, Griffins Bend. Andrew was hard but fair knowing that fellow TA2 Racer McAlister was still several cars behind. Posting personal best sectors Fisher kept P11 and even on the start of lap 7 a dipping of the right front wheel onto the grass in the braking zone didn’t see Ruth, the Jesus Camaro, lose a position. On the last time around the mountain the 2 Porches directly in front of Fishtail came together into Hell corner, but Andrew managed to use his skills developed in V8 Ute racing to thread his way through the spinning cars and avoided damage to Ruth. He finished off the race to cross the line in 10th and 2nd in class.

“Yeah, that was great, a little oops moment when I misjudged the width of the car, having to sit on the wrong side of the car dropping a wheel in the dirt into turn 1, but if the weather holds out I’m sure we can keep having good battles” said Andrew back in the paddock.

The dark clouds started gathering over the mountain as the wind picked up, playing havoc with some of the other categories but not hindering the running of the Tin Tops Race 2. Fisher got a cracker of a start leaping into P8 from P10 again before turn 1 then past Herne into the lead of the TA2 runners. It was sweet but short-lived experience getting by the number 1 TA2 driver as he got past Fishtail in the braking zone just after the chase.

From there it was a bit of a lonely race for the Jesus car who was able to manage the gap to the $600,000 Lamborghini to finish P7, 2nd in class and set his best lap time of the weekend.

“That was cool” said Fisher, “I was able to gap the Lambo over the top of the mountain and then he would close up down Conrod and Mountain straights.

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