Bathurst Day 3

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Bathurst Day 3
Racing at the famed Mt Panorama circuit on a Sunday is always special for the Jesus Racing team.
Having made progress with the car over the weekend the team believed they had found a significant issue in the car’s steering and whilst not able to completely resolve this over the weekend, they hoped they had improved it for Race 2.
Fishtail got another great start and moved from 8^th on the grid up to 6^th. He was able to stick with the front runners for a couple of laps before his tyres overheated which was a result of the changes made which were otherwise positive. On the second last lap Fishtail was over taken by the two guys who qualified 1^st and 2^nd on the grid. He was able to hold onto 8th position for the rest of the race however a car was found to be in breach of the rules and as such Jesus Racing moved up to 7^th place.
Race 3 was in the heat of the day and Fishtail had a cracking start, he was able to run with the front runner for the first lap almost over taking John Bowe at one point for 4^th place. As the race went on Fishtail settled into his own rhythm, enjoying the improvements that had been made to the car and ended up bringing it home in 5^th place.
In commenting on the weekend Fishtail said, “we have learnt a lot and found a fundamental issue with the car which is easily fixed not that we understand in. To come home 4^th outright and 1^st in our class (we were handed the 2^nd place trophy at the end of the weekend however it appears there was a misunderstanding of the rules) is a testament to the hard work of the team and a little providence from God!”
The team will get to work on fixing the issues they found and then get to a test day prior to next round which is some 8 weeks away.


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