Bathurst Day One and Two

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Bathurst Day One and Two
Day 1 Well Day 1 was so busy we forgot to do the report……The day started off with a heavy fog that caused the cancellation of the first 3 catagories going out in track one of which was the TCM, so unfortunately even though we turned up at 6am we didn’t hit the track until 10.30AM.
Given the cancellation of P1 the cars went straight into qualifying.
Still working through the development program the team knew it was going to be an uphill battle and unfortunately there was no miracle cure and Andrew was only able to put the car into 12^th.
Fishtail commented after the session saying “that was all I had in the car without throwing it into the wall. We are having an issue with the RPM limit only getting 7100 revs which isn’t helping”.
The Trophy race is the first of the weekend and the mixed up grid saw Fishtail start from 6^th position. He got a great start and moved up to 5^th. He lost a spot on lap two as the RPM was still being affected by some type of gremlin. Going up over the top of the mountain turning in at 150KM/h Abigail bounced off a kerb and Fishtail used all his experience to just keep her off the wall. Unfortunately 2 guys got past him as he recovered, however he was able to hold on to 8^th spot for the rest of the race which was a great effort. “Wow, that was close, said Fisher after the race, I just bounced off the kerb and it spat the car out sideways, I am pretty sure I got some assistance from above as you pretty much never recover from that type of slide on top of the mountain, so I am very grateful.”
The car still had some issues and so the team went to work trying to improve it for what is effectively Race 1 of the weekend.
Day 2 Well the good news was there was no fog so no interuption to the days events. Fishtail started from 12^th position. He got a great start and managed to miss a car that almost spun at turn 1. He made it up to 7^th place on the first lap however the car was still not great and even though the team thought they had fixed the RPM issues that wasn’t the case. Fishtail was passed on lap 3 by Jim Policina however managed to hold onto 8^th for the rest of the race.
Commenting on the race Fishtail said, “we improved the balance a little although that just meant we had more understeer so I could better feel the oversteer. Believe it or not it did make the car more predictable and better to drive. We think we have found the issue now and I am hoping we will be able to confirm that after Race 3”.
Make sure you tune in for Race 3 at 8.05AM Sunday morning and Race 3 at 1.05PM both on Foxtel/Kayo and Seven Mate.

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