Bathurst Day One 2021

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Bathurst Day One
Hi Friends,
Well it’s been a long time between race meets so it was certainly fun to get back to the Mt Panorama Bathurst circuit.
Over the most recent Covid shut down period we have been working hard to change the rear end of the car so that we have more options in regards to set up.
This was a significant change and whilst the results are encouraging we are still very much in the learning phase in regards to getting the speed out of the car.
Today was a tough day as we just couldn’t find a balance in the car. We made some significant changes hoping for a positive result but it didn’t really come.
We have made some more changes for tomorrow hoping to move in the right direction and to unlock the speed that we know is there, just well hidden it seems!
The good news is that the engine continues to run well.
Still, it’s great to be back amongst the other competitors and the fans, placing the name of Jesus before them in such a unique way. We are thankful for the opportunities to engage with them in such a positive way.
We look forward to sending through an update from Race 1 and 2 tomorrow.
The Jesus Racing Team.

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