Supporter Update

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Hi Friends,
It’s been a while since I have sent out an update.
Firstly, let me say thanks for the continued support of what we do on and off the track.
As with most organisations it has been a difficult time over the past few years however with Jesus Racing we have to blame ourselves for part of this as we have attempted to find additional speed in Abigail and have so far come up short!
We could have just kept doing what we were doing however the new cars coming onto the grid are better built and faster so we have attempted to improve the car by adding some new engineering features. Whilst in theory this should improve the car we have struggled to get a balance between the front and the rear of the car making it extremely difficult to drive and unlock the speed.
This is obviously frustrating but we are not quite ready to go back to what we had and are planning a test day to try another significant change that we hope will unlock the speed in the car.
Given how difficult it is to make progress on the car’s development at a race meet we are looking at an option of leasing a race car for the Townsville round so we can focus on racing and would avoid further frustration and disappointment.
There are not many options so we will see how it pans out over the next week or so.
The Life Choices Foundation schedule of presentations is starting to build momentum, I am heading today (Sunday) to Port Macquarie as we have 9 High Schools and a detention centre scheduled for this week.
I then have a two week tour with 8 Correctional facility sessions and 12 High Schools from Cairns to Gladstone after the racing at Townsville.
Our Make Bullying History program is fully booked for a tour down in Tasmania before the end of the month as well.
If you are a prayer please be praying for these tours and that we may find some answers to extracting the speed in Abigail.
Please also pray that doors might be opened for leasing a car if that is God’s plan.
Thanks again for your ongoing support and encouragement of both Jesus Racing and the Life Choices Foundation.
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