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Big News!
Hi Friends,
Thanks to those who prayed for us last week and especially to those that sent through a note of encouragement.
We spoke in 9 High Schools to over 2500 students and the reaction from the staff and students at all schools was amazing. It was a huge week and I was very appreciative of having good mate and fellow Life Choices Foundation board member Darren Laudenbach with me for support.
We unfortunately had to miss the Friday afternoon sessions at the detention centre as there was a Covid outbreak but they are keen to reschedule, so we will get back up there as soon as we can.
Racing News We have decided to lease another car for the Townsville round. This is a difficult decision as it feels like we are giving up on Abigail however the truth is we just can’t afford to be trying to sort the car out on a race weekend so we needed to make a decision that allows us to concentrate on racing rather than development.
We have a test plan for Abigail in order to try and unlock the speed, so rest assured we will be doing our best to get her back racing as soon as possible.
THE BIG NEWS Ok, so if you are a Ford fan you better sit down…..for the second time in our TCM competition history we will be racing a Holden (well technically 3rd time as we did 2 rounds in the previous Holden)…..having looked at our options, the best one by far was to lease Jim Pollicina’s spare 4 door Torana SLR5000.
Whilst it looks the same as the one we raced previously, it is a different car and from all accounts is better and faster than the previous one, so we are excited by what we could achieve if all goes well.
Of course we will be placing the name of Jesus proudly on the car and as we know the name of Jesus forgives all sins so I hope that the Ford fans will follow suit..haha!
I have so many Holden fans telling me we should race a Holden….well now is your chance to jump on board as we have come to the party but the party is also more expensive than our usual program as we have to pay a lease fee and for external people to do the work we normally do in house with our small team of mostly volunteers. Transport alone is $5500 to get the car from their headquarters in Melbourne to Townsville and back….
So if you are a die hard Holden fan who has dreamt about the name of Jesus being on a Holden then now is the time to step up and support the Jesus Racing program with some dollars!
If you’re a Ford fan pray hard that we unlock the speed in Abigail so she is back racing soon….
And if you don’t care and are just happy to see the name of Jesus on a race car then just be thankful to God (as we are) that we are able to do what we do and make the impact we make…..
We look forward to providing further updates as we get closer to the Townsville Round.
All the best
Andrew and the team.
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