We named her Mary

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** We named her Mary ———————————————————— Well it was certainly a strange feeling turning up to race at Townsville without Abigail.
During our normal set up process we had also had to finish putting the livery on before we could head out on track.
We think Mary came up a treat!
We didn’t have a lot of time to contemplate what we hoped to achieve as we were on track at 7.20am for our first outing. Having never driven the car, Andrew headed out on track to have a crack. Amazingly he was immediately at the top of the time sheet and held that spot well into the 20 minute session eventually finishing in 3rd place for Practice 1.
This was a great result given the tyres he was on were pretty used and he was still trying to come to grips with the differences between Mary and Abigail.
The next session was Qualifying which brings a whole new level of difficulty as the cars are all on green (brand new) tyres. One of the most difficult tasks as a race driver is to get the best out of the green tyre and doing it with just 20 minutes under your belt in a new car is not an easy feat. Fishtail was able to improve his time from practice but he was not able to achieve the speed out of the car at the beginning of the session which is when the tyres are at their best. Instead, he came home in 5th place setting his fastest lap time on his last flying lap.
With a reasonably short turn around the drivers took to the track for the Trophy Race which sees the top 50% of the grid reversed and sent to the back. This means that Andrew started from 5th last on the grid.
He took it easy off the start as you only get 10 points for starting and 10 points for finishing the Trophy Race. He actually dropped to the rear of the field during the first lap however once things settled down he put his head down and started to make his way through the field.
Andrew’s lap times were constantly fast, being the 3rd fastest driver on track, and managed to come home in 6th place.
Reflecting on the day Fishtail said ‘it is never easy to come and race someone else’s car, especially when you haven’t driven it before but i think we have done a good job so far. I am a little disappointed I wasn’t able to get more out of the green tyre, however being 6 tenths off pole position was a pretty good result. I am really happy with my speed on the older tyres so I just need to work on my green tyre speed to move further up the front.”
Tomorrow is a relatively easy day for the team with just one race mid morning.
We look forward to updating you tomorrow night.
The Jesus Racing Team


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