Grip can Beat Horsepower

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Grip can Beat Horsepower

Bathurst brings excitement and a sense of trepidation to every racing team, even Jesus Racing.  Add rain to the mixture and it goes off the charts.

Off the back of Sandown with engine troubles and not able to rebuild the engine in time, the Jesus Racing team came to the Mountain with the old engine, but still revved up and hoping for a good result.

The benefit of the rain is that it negates much of the horsepower loss the team has from the older engine. After steering the car in wet weather at Sandown, Fishtail was comfortable with the rain. He felt his way around the mountain and kept it safe, avoiding the walls and finishing in P7. The car wasn’t great and so the team had a closer look and found that that the set up had moved and instead of having around 3mm of toe out they had 7mm of toe in……in short that makes the car pretty un-drivable and showed what a great job Fishtail did.

Qualifying began in more rain.  With the car now set up better for the wet track, Fishtail was able to place the car in second on the time sheets.   He was on for a quicker lap when he was held up by traffic and worsening weather conditions so wasn’t able to improve his time.  It wasn’t all bad with the session finishing with Abigail in P6, just 0.2 seconds off P4 and most importantly with a straight car!


Tomorrow sees the team line up on the grid for Race 1 late in the afternoon, check your local TV guides so you can cheer us on.

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